Itinerary FAQs

Sum up Locomotion Scotland in one sentence.

A travel planning and advisory service that makes travelling to Scotland better value, less stressful and more exciting.


Why’s it better than just a guidebook?

While there are some high-quality guidebooks available now, have you ever read a guidebook that was built with just you in mind? Choosing a bespoke travel package with me means everything is done to suit your timeframes, budget and preferences. If you do want something more simple you can go with an “Essentials” itinerary which I feel can better any guidebook for value and detail.

I’m also a local that is fanatical about travelling and showing off the best bits of my country. Showing travellers all of the top tourist highlights is easy, but I want to also help you find the hidden gems that are not so renowned. With my Scotland travel blog I provide visual examples of Scotland’s top spots that are up-to-date and easy to digest.

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How much does it cost?

My Essentials itineraries are priced at just £5 each and include detailed location guides for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Skye as well as handy guides for whisky and the hit TV series Outlander. Bespoke itineraries are £50 for up to 1 week, £100 for 1-2 weeks and £150 for more than 2 weeks. See my Scotland travel itineraries page for full details and the Bookings page to order any of these securely online via Paypal.


Privacy info

Your financial information is kept between you and Paypal and the only info I receive is your name, address and email. I will send all correspondence to the email address you provide and will not bother you with any promotions or the like at any time. Of course your information will not be sent to any third parties either. This site’s general privacy info can be read here.


What will I receive to help me plan travel to Scotland?

Detailed outlining of the best attractions for each of your destinations, accommodation suggestions for every night of your stay, directions for your journey and personalised online maps. In short, everything you will need for your trip to our country. I do not like clutter and sending you lots of complex and hard to absorb information so my guides are kept very compact. They are also therefore easily printable while being environmentally aware.

plan travel to scotland

Do you recommend third parties?

Yes of course. If relevant and I feel they would add something to your Scotland experience, I’ll provide links to good quality, good value third parties within your itinerary. Examples of this might include specialised walking guides and tours or businesses with specialised local expertise.

I do not book directly with any third parties on your behalf. I can, however, provide the links that take you right to the final “book now” part of the process.

What about restaurants?

Restaurant/food recommendations are not something I provide within my itineraries. This is largely because everyone has very different tastes, expectations and requirements. In short, I don’t want anyone getting poisoned or having a terrible meal and telling me my taste in food is appalling. That being said, I am a foodie and there are a handful of top, top restaurants in Scotland that no-one could not love. For these, I will happily recommend them if they are going to be in your area.

Where can we find you?

It’s an exclusively online affair, Glasgow based, and although I’m regularly on the move I’m always on the digital radar. Email or tweet @travelwithakilt for a fast response.

So you are also a travel blogger….

Yes, my travel blog persona is Travels with a Kilt. All sorts of evidence increasingly points to bloggers as hugely influential and the travel industry is no exception. With more and more people preferring online material in their travel research it is important for me to provide a high quality Scotland travel blog. This both supports my travel itineraries for customers and also helps me unearth the best local businesses in the industry. My archive of Scotland travel blogs is accessible on this site and if you like my stuff you can subscribe to my posts easily at the bottom of each article. There’s more about my travel writing here and I also work on various digital marketing projects in my guise as a consultant at Turas Digital.


Who are the Scotlanders?

This is a collaboration between six of Scotland’s top bloggers – including Travels with a Kilt – that aims to promote our country to local and international audiences. Working with Scottish brands and organisations, big and small, we particularly like to pinpoint lesser-known gems and make sure that they don’t remain lesser-known for long. You can keep up with our travels by following along with the #Scotlanders tag on social media.