A Scotland Travel Blog, with a Local's Touch

Scotland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. From powerful peaks to untouched beaches and ancient relics to spectacular golf courses, I like to think it delivers for just about everyone. There's something in the air and it's a land that lives long in the soul of the travellers that make it to these shores. The whisky's not bad, either. No matter how much I explore, this is a journey with no ending. I’ll be forever proud to call it my home.

With my ever-expanding Scotland travel blog I provide Scotland-wide coverage with my writing, photography and videos. Working with some of the country’s best brands, I also aim to find the very best standards for my readers and followers. Followed by 50,000+ across the social media networks that I use, Travels with a Kilt is where I share my adventures and guidance with Scotland fans worldwide. Based in Glasgow, I am regularly on the road scaling our peaks, studying our castles, marveling at our coastlines and connecting with our traditions. I’m also a podcaster and broadcaster in addition to my travel writing work - a role that has been my job and number one passion for 8 years now.

Working with Bloggers

My long-term collaboration sees me working alongside a group of fellow Scotland fanatics as one of the Scotlanders. All fiercely proud of our homeland, we look to raise its profile even further by unearthing its lesser-known treasures. Over recent years we’ve been collectively working on large-scale campaigns in partnership with brands promoting regional highlights throughout the country. You can follow our journey with #Scotlanders on social media.

Scotland Travel Videos