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Scotland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. From powerful peaks to untouched beaches, glorious food and drink to spectacular golf courses, I like to think it has something for just about everyone. I’m also proud to call it my home.

With my ever-expanding Scotland travel blog I provide Scotland-wide coverage with my writing, photography and videos. Working with some of the country’s best brands, big and small, I also aim to find the very best standards for my readers and followers. I now have a following of 30,000+ across the seven social media networks that I use, where I share my adventures with Scotland-lovers around the world. I’m also a regular collaborator with BBC Scotland as a radio gabber where I discuss regional travel highlights.

My latest collaboration sees me working alongside five of my fellow Scotland travel bloggers as one of the Scotlanders. All fiercely proud of our homeland, we look to raise its profile even further by unearthing its lesser-known treasures. Over the last two years we’ve been collectively working in partnership with brands promoting regional highlights throughout the country. You can follow our journey with #Scotlanders on social media.

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Scotland Travel Itineraries

In addition to my work as a travel blogger, I also provide visitors with expert local guidance through my Scotland itineraries as Locomotion Scotland. Whether looking for easy but comprehensive city guides or a fully bespoke itinerary that takes your timeframe, interests and worries into account – I can help.

As a proud Scot myself, I want to make absolutely sure that you have a simply amazing time in my country. It’s been said many times that local know-how and input is invaluable to the world traveller. Ours is certainly a country that can present plenty of planning challenges. Whether it’s being pre-warned of hazardous Highland road trips or a top tip of a hidden urban delight, this is where I come in. I am buursting with local knowledge and experience of constantly travelling around my homeland. I can, therefore, make your travel here easier, more economical and, of course, even more memorable. And to show I’m serious about value, my Scotland travel itinerary prices start at just £5. Head along to my Scotland travel itineraries page to get started.