scotland travel bloggerTravels with a Kilt is the full account of the adventures of Neil Robertson – travelling Scotsman and man in a skirt. As a travel fanatic, nothing makes me happier than seeing new parts of the world and broadening my horizons.

Like many of my type, I graduated and assumed I’d be hanging around an office for the rest of my days. That was before swerving drastically into oncoming traffic and opting for a life on the road instead. In recent years I have been all over the place for work and leisure to address my travel addiction.

From Petra to Shanghai and Rome to Queenstown and all sorts of weird stops in between, travel does something that nothing else can touch. Even still, my attachment to my home country never faded and in 2013 I decided it was time to make some changes. Keep the travel part, ditch the life in a suitcase part. Scotland became my focus.

I now proudly do what I can to share my wonderful country with other travellers. From my home base in Glasgow, I am always on the go looking to unearth everything that Scotland has to offer. In my other world as a digital marketing consultant, I merge my travel experiences with my enduring love of marketing and aim to do my bit to spread the word of Scotland as a travel destination with no equal. Read more about my Scotland travel writing and how to work with me and travel bloggers in general.

In addition to being a Scotland travel blogger, I put my expertise and knowledge to use by building Scotland travel itineraries. Locomotion Scotland is my itinerary planning service that aims to make travel to Scotland easier, more economical and more memorable. Read more about how to purchase my travel itineraries and get the most out of your travels around my homeland.


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