Scotland’s Best Whisky Distillery Tours – Glengoyne

For this Scotsman, whisky is amongst the best things in the world. An endless adventure of different flavours, smells and textures. Just when you have a favourite region, or even brand, you stumble across a new vintage and that’s that. If you’re like me, there’s no known cure so embrace it fully and visit a whisky distillery. For first timers or veterans there are few better options than Glengoyne.

best whisky distillery tours glengoyne

best whisky distillery tours scotland

With dozens of excellent distillery tours spread across the country, the challenge for the traveller is to find reasons to make the top ones stand out. Glengoyne makes it into my Distillery itineraries first and foremost because it’s an excellent whisky, but there is more to it than that. Location is the other key advantage it has over the competition. Within close proximity to Glasgow and in a glorious rural setting on the road to the Highlands, it must be the envy of many of its competitors.

glengoyne 18 best whisky distillery tours

Back to the drink itself. I absolutely love the Glengoyne 18 and have it around the house whenever I’ve got some cash handy. Very different, but possibly even better, is the 21 year old. Richer and more powerful than the gloriously sweet 18, I recommend having a taster of both in the shop after your tour.

The distillery offers several tour options. The standard 45 minute tour comes in at £7.50 but I recommend spending a couple of pounds more and upgrading to the Wee Tasting Tour which includes a dram of that 18 year old. All stages of the production process are discussed at length by friendly and well-informed staff. For the adventurers, several other tours are available and can last up to 5 hours.

the fabled 35 year old best whisky distillery tours

There is something about a whisky distillery tour that makes the stuff all the more easy to fall dangerously in love with. To my experience, even whisky sceptics can be converted within half an hour. Observing the process, inhaling the scents and appreciating the true value of time all gets the saliva going. More than likely, you’ve found a new friend for life.

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