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An Update from Scotland as I Prepare to Hit the Road Once More

Scotland is Calling The gentle swish of the wind worrying the leaves, the flight of some beastie underfoot, the rush of hidden water and the creak and groan of the trees that have seen it all. It’s amazing what you notice when your senses have the inclination. Taking a simple walk in nature in these pandemic-dominated times is suddenly a very different kind of experience. I’ve become estranged with the outdoors for the entirety of the year and have had to wait patiently to begin the shy reacquaintance. But with a busy autumnal season of travel ahead, the time has

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Coronavirus Update – The Situation in Scotland

A Coronavirus Update as Summer Starts How utterly dismal that instead of showering you with travel inspiration at this beautiful time of year in Scotland, I’m restricted to diverting more energy into second guessing the next steps of COVID-19. Such are the times as I attempt to update travellers on the situation here, the big issues in the industry and give some indications as to when we may be able to experience Scotland again. It’s not all doom and gloom though I promise, I throw a silver lining in at the end that’s hopefully more than a token gesture.  

A Scottish Movie Fix

Scotland Films for Stay at Home Survival I’m probably not alone in presently being on the cusp of insanity. Lockdown rumbles on and the sunny spring weather has sadistically tantalised us through the glass as our exciting plans for 2020 have generally been binned. But with signs that the virus is finally coming under some sort of control, albeit at a horrific cost to those that have lost loved ones and livelihoods, we can see that isolation at home has been necessary. In Scotland, we do seem to be on course for several more weeks of this before a gradual

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A Study of the Scots

Scottish Traits and the Personality of the Scots Self-isolation, social distancing, house arrest, lockdown…..choose your poison it all amounts to the same quandary. We’re stuck indoors for the foreseeable. Travel plans cancelled, work ceased or radically altered and social lives decimated. Tough times for us all and quite rightly I’ll not be talking much about travel for some time while we power through. But I felt it important to pause briefly from my on-going and increasingly concerning destruction of the whisky cabinet to jot down some thoughts on something that’s never too far from my mind. The Scots, and our

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Coronavirus and its Impact on Travel to Scotland

Well, this was unexpected…. NB//This blog was written and published on March 14th 2020 and is subject to constant change as the crisis develops. This is typically the time of year when I’m engaged in all sorts of cheery, can’t-wait gabs about exciting upcoming adventures in Scotland. Not so in 2020 it seems and the only chat on offer this month concerns coronavirus, the economy-crippling nightmare that has delivered a worldwide panic just as spring finally enters its final approach. How will it affect plans, what impact is it having on Scottish tourism, what’s the outlook in Scotland just now,

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If I were you…..

A 14-Day Scotland Itinerary Travel plans and musings tend to go into overdrive at this time of year. It’s really very funny to watch. Suddenly there’s a whole bunch of stuff that shoot up the priority charts when it’s pishing down. Gaps in life need filled, memories are aching for the making and the heart starts to completely overrule the head. I want to see X, I must experience Y, my life is incomplete because I’ve never had Z. Helps make it one of my favourite times of year in a dreamer’s sense. Anticipation is king. Which brings me to

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2019 – A Year’s Summary

Another Year Getting Closer to Home With Christmas upon us, it’s reflection time. Another year as a travel writer has seen me direct more resources than ever into this career as its opportunities and challenges have pulled me in further new directions. It’s always the time in the calendar when I analyse the changing nature of my work, and societal and industry norms more widely. New technologies, political ramifications and changing markets occupy my thoughts constantly. When I question the longevity of this line of work and whether I’ve gone mad. And, more pleasantly, when I review all of the

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Winter Travel in the Kingdom of Fife

Coastal Winter Breaks in Fife Deep winter is threatening in Scotland as dark skies, high wind and torrential rain have given us a fair battering over recent weeks. The whisky cabinet has taken a pounding, the walking boots less so. But, during the odd break in the cloud, the opportune traveller must pounce and the Kingdom of Fife is one of my favourite winter playgrounds. From the utterly charming East Neuk to the multi-faceted St Andrews here’s a look at some off-season inspiration, excellent self-catering accommodation and food for thought for 2020 travel planning….   St Andrews and Kingsbarns Distillery

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An Off-Season Highland Winter Trip to Lochaber

Winter in the Scottish Highlands, But Don’t be Hasty The big coats are on. Its dark by 4pm. The kettle’s working overtime. The mountains are snow-topped. Roads are empty. Sunsets are spectacular. Whether you love or loathe winter, these are the days when all of the above shape routines and influence Scotland travel planning. The Scottish Highlands in winter seem oddly off-limits to many of us, with an all-too-hasty sense of dismissive trepidation taking over. Aside from the obvious need to tinker with practicalities and expectations, I’m not entirely sure why that is. Presumably we’re smart enough to realise that

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A West Coast Adventure Through Argyll

The Castles of Argyll and The Road Trip of Champions Fresh-faced and windswept, I return to the mainland at Oban ready for the final chapter of my west coast autumnal adventure. The weather has been kind beyond words but there is that nip in the air now, winter won’t be long away. It’s been a trip packed with island allure, seafood feasts and raw, rugged, spectacular coastal vistas. Argyll, my go-to in the road trip department, concludes things. This is immersion in deep Highlands. Misty glens, looming mountains, clan legends and the ancient castles of Argyll. Always end on a

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The Call of the Hebrides….

West Coast of Scotland Island Holidays It has become a familiar spot to find myself in reflection mode. Ferry embarkation point at Uig on the Isle of Skye. This, friends, is the sweet spot. That point of perfect collision on a Scotland west coast holiday. Where the memories of Skye’s drama-filled landscapes are fresh and dominant…..and are now meeting, face-on, the imminent promise of the Outer Hebrides. Very different, very unique and very powerful visualisations are wrestling for the forefront of my mind’s eye. At this point, I always make my way up on deck and find myself a lonely

Day Trip Ferries from Mallaig to Explore the West Coast

Day Out Mallaig Boat Trips to Knoydart and the Small Isles It was in spring, when making my travel plans for the year, that I realised I was coming very close to having travelled, at some point in my 32 years, to almost the entirety of my homeland. The final marker on the mainland, Knoydart, was held back deliberately. The most remote section of all. My precious bank of island recollections has always had one major blind spot too, the Small Isles. Likewise, I’ve been holding them back on purpose also, determined as I was to visit in autumn, and

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The Superb Drive from Glasgow to Mallaig

A West Coast of Scotland Road Trip to Remember Most of September saw me on the road as I ducked and dived, weaved and charged over the length and breadth of our western Highlands and Islands. So begins a 4-part west coast of Scotland road trip blog series that will detail the highlights along the way and that will unearth the best activities on, in and overlooking our coastlines and lochs. That will pick out some of our finest seafood restaurants. That will alert you to our most promising up-and-coming distilleries. And that will paint a picture of a part

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Loch Tay Activities and Exploring Perthshire in October

Scotland in October and a Perthshire Autumn Road-Trip Seasonal change is never more apparent than during a Perthshire October. Dense forests and stretching glens are home to some of the largest, oldest and wisest trees in the world and their riotous colour changes are a joy to behold. The stags are rutting, red squirrels are darting and local whisky is flowing. Peak colours time tends to be late October in Scotland so consider this a timely little teaser for those looking for some autumnal inspiration….   Highland Perthshire Perthshire is gigantic. Most of us will immediately feel our minds wander

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Travelling Scotland, with a Difference

Planning a Trip to Scotland, with Over-Tourism in mind The summer season has passed and the relative calm of September has taken hold. An extra layer has appeared and the leaves are transitioning towards our most photogenic season. It also means it’s reflection time. Time to give the industry a health check and reflect on the big issues. I’ve been closely observing with interest the bubbling tension surrounding over-tourism here in recent months. I’d go so far as to say it’s currently the most divisive issue in the industry. That bad. Time, then, to get my hands dirty. Debates have

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Exploring the north east and things to do around Fraserburgh

North East Days Out on the Coast It’s a rare thing, this. A first foray into a part of Scotland that I have very limited personal knowledge of. I’ve been intensely travelling Scotland for seven years now, as well as being born and raised here of course, and there remains precious little of this land that I haven’t formed a relationship with. There’s some of the smaller islands sure (I’ll never visit all 800ish of them and have no intention of trying) but the varied and atmospherically-charged north east coast is my final unexplored nugget on the mainland. Over to

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A Weekend of Culture, off the beaten path

Things to do in the Scottish Borders Warm, sunny afternoons, empty country roads, windows down… sneaks up on me with alarming realisation that I can’t remember the last time I had this experience. This sense of solitude. You’ll certainly never find it in the Highlands in summer and it’s always in August that us locals start to long for traffic-free journeys and a slowing of the pace. This is the Scottish Borders, have you met? In truth, the same applies to neighbouring Dumfries and Galloway but there is something very appealing about the rolling hills, acres of agricultural land and

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A Glaswegian’s Glasgow

A Glasgow Blog, with a Difference The rain is coming down. I’m watching from the safe side of the glass and having one of those snuggly, self-satisfied sensations of comfort and belonging. My city, my streets, my Glasgow. I want to share how I really feel about my home. It’s actually an extremely difficult thing to put into words. You can throw all the adjectives in the world at something but if you don’t understand it, deep down, what’s the point? And it’s not like my recent adventures up north either, where raw nature and deep immersion are there to

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It’s That Time Again…..

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – My Approach It’s the event that humbles all others. A city-wide carnival that sprawls itself over an entire month and generates laughs, screams and gasps throughout. Always with an indefatigable and relentless dynamism that seems to somehow increase year-on-year. A riot of creativity and passion, forever with a vibrancy and international outlook. It’s Festival time my friends and I’m off to the capital to observe the true impact of this month-long explosion on Scotland’s tourism industry. I’m writing this with double-sided intent. Firstly, and most obviously, I want to promote Edinburgh and the uniquely impressive

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Immersion in the Scottish Highlands

Things to do in Glenelg and the Search for Escape While madness descends on much of the Highlands at this time of year, I feel an ever more urgent need to find tranquillity. This most recent drive north – to Glenelg, just over the water from Skye on the mainland – is one where I intend to re-visit my recent search for ‘immersion’. To switch off. And to find at least a few hours of total solitude. I’ll be doing the blogger thing and looking at interesting things to do in Glenelg, yes, but I’ll also be seeking out one

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