kelvingrove museum exhibitions

Brushes with War – Kelvingrove’s Latest Exhibition

A Unique WWI Tribute Ahead of Remembrance Day World War I was a truly appalling affair. Perhaps overpowered in our collective memories by World War II and the terrifying rise of fascism, Remembrance Day is an important opportunity for us to reflect on a conflict that should forever be a lesson to us all. Every year, the 11th of November at 11am marks the anniversary of the formal end of hostilities in this conflict. With extra significance, 2018 sees us salute the 100th anniversary of the end of the War and I was delighted to head to the best museum
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Abandoned and Derelict Places Throughout Scotland

Scotland's Most Gripping Derelict Places If you have been following my activities on social media in recent months, you’ll likely have noticed that old, abandoned and derelict places have featured regularly. I’ll admit it, I’m hooked. Fascinating, beautiful and massively evocative wreckages litter Scotland on a scale that I had no appreciation of and that provide no end of spooks, intrigue and possibilities. With Halloween upon us, there seems no better time to bring my recent findings together for an explorative look at some of my favourites to date.   Buchanan Castle Diving right in, this place is amongst the
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dundee v&a things to do

What’s On Dundee – A Visit to the City that Everyone is Talking About

What’s On Dundee – The City with a Renewed Spring in its Step The long-awaited launch of Dundee’s latest cultural goldmine, the spectacular new V&A Museum of Design, has seen an unprecedent level of interest in a city traditionally overlooked in tourism chatter. That the leading travel guides and media worldwide have had their eye turned towards Tayside speaks volumes for the sustained effort over recent years to transform the city’s image to that of a veritable culture hub. The waterfront regeneration has seen a massive economic boost as big hotels have popped up, restaurants have lifted their game and
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orkney day trips yesnaby castle

Island Hopping in Fabulous Orkney

Ancient History and Wild Coastlines - My Top Orkney Day Trips Which Scottish island should I visit? This remains a question I am posed on a regular basis, and with good reason. Our countless isles each have their own appeal, personality and stand-out characteristics. It’s no easy choice, even for those of us that know many of them well. But there can be little doubt that, for historical appeal in particular, Orkney is on its own pedestal. And we’re not talking about the standard Scottish tales of political disquiet during the Wars of Independence or the melancholic woes of the
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scotland travel questions

Scotland Q&A – Ask Me Anything

Scotland Travel Questions For this blog post I’m breaking from my norm and encouraging some audience participation. This week I asked my Instagram followers to pitch me any questions they wanted about Scotland, with my local expertise at their disposal. 6 years of experience and countless trips around my home country have seen me gather plenty of memories and opinions about how to get the most out of these lands and I love nothing more in this job than passing those on. That’s why I do this. Here are the results of the Q&A and do let me know in
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Outer Hebrides Holidays – The Best of the Western Isles

Outer Hebrides Holidays and an Outdoor Adventure on the Islands It will surprise none of my regular readers that I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the Outer Hebrides. Soft spot may be underselling it slightly; more of a deep emotional attachment and lifelong adoration that has graduated this year into an unconditional love. It’s a place that calls for a thesaurus as I seek out the adjectives – there must be one! – that will do justice to these islands that form the north western limits of Scotland and that simply have no comparison with anywhere else
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glasgow european championships 2018

The 2018 Euros in Glasgow!

A Look Back at the European Championships I’m dead proud of my home city. This will not come as news to anyone that’s been with me on this blogging journey in recent years and my enthusiasm for Glasgow’s big personality is never stronger than when hosting major events. When the world is watching and we all get to have a renewed crack at dispelling myths and gauging whether we’ve been able to snare new fans who have seen past the industrial stereotypes and appreciate that Glasgow’s edginess makes it curiously unique. The Commonwealth Games of 2014 was a glowing tribute
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ross fountain edinburgh castle best view

A Weekend in Edinburgh and a Room with Some View

I'm off back to the capital..... Every July, I make a point of heading to Edinburgh for a couple of days. Just to confirm that it’s still got it and that the complimentary appeal is as strong as ever with my home city of Glasgow. In so doing I beat the imminent pandemonic rush from the Edinburgh Festival but still see this most tourism-centred of cities at the height of its powers as one of the most visitable in Europe. When the Royal Mile is chocka with more nationalities that you can wave a stick at, hotels and restaurants are
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Launching our new Video Channel!

Travels with a Kilt is Going on Video After 6 years of blogging, travelling, tweeting and Instagramming I’m finally accepting the call of video and turning my eye increasingly towards YouTube and vlogging. As a writer, in my heart of hearts, it clashes more than a wee bit with my instincts. A big believer in quality content that is researched, relevant, entertaining and, hopefully, educational, the thought of joining the world’s legions of vloggers and recording video clips of myself having a pointless carry on doesn’t exactly float the boat. Hopefully, it’ll be obvious that I’m looking to steer clear
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corryvreckan boat trip whirlpool

On the Hunt for a Whirlpool!

Exploring Argyll and a Thrilling Corryvreckan Boat Trip It’s one of Scotland’s natural wonders. A powerful beast that lends yet further foreboding and awe to a western coastline that hardly needs it. The fearsomely named Corryvreckan belongs on the tele. Playing centre stage in a Game of Thrones or a Vikings, such is it’s unusual and intimidating presence and sense of fantastic impossibility. The world’s third largest whirlpool is a maelstrom of watery chaos just off the Isle of Jura and a Corryvreckan boat trip has long been on my list as I've sought to cast my own eye over
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bass rock north berwick

A Day Out with the Scottish Seabird Centre

North Berwick Boat Trips After my East Lothian adventures in April, my flirtation with the region continues at pace as I head back to the coast for an expedition with the Scottish Seabird Centre and one of their North Berwick boat trips. Taking to the water, I’m headed to the brilliant nature reserve that is the Isle of May. Hosting countless thousands of seabirds every year, there is one particular species that pulls the punters in with more than any other – the puffin. With an unprecedented opportunity to see them on land – between April and July – this
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Making the Glasgow Style

A Look at one of Glasgow's Favourite Sons His inspiration has always been there, deeply embedded in the core of Glasgow’s identity – a 100-year-old legacy that the rest of us can only marvel at. With the city’s wealthy and powerfully far-reaching past, it has long had an openness and fertility towards innovation and creativity. Opportunities existed for those with ambitions and visionary mindsets….and no-one seized on these more than Charles Rennie Mackintosh. To this Glaswegian’s knowledge, there’s never been a better time to reflect on and appreciate the eternal legacy left by the man than 2018. Celebrating the 150th
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north coast 500 campsites road trip

Road Tripping the Western Stretch of the NC500

Campervan Travel Between the North Coast 500 Campsites Immediately on heading northwards from Plockton, the magnitude and scale of the far northwest bears its soul. Lurking clouds obscure the rugged peaks’ highest points, sullen waterways bring no warmth and limited, barely-there settlements offer no hearty welcome. No, there is an inescapable dread about dusk in these parts. A fear even, as the glowering mountains snooze with one angry eye ever-so-slightly ajar. Almost hoping to catch your gaze and glare you back from whence you came in Mordor-like fashion. Welcome to Sutherland. Compared to the downright jolly peaks of Perthshire and
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lochinver walks suilven blog

Scotland’s Spectacular North West and the Walks of Sutherland

Lochinver Walks - The Heart of Sutherland The truth is there’s something about our mountains. If Scotland was an animal, there's no doubt it’d be a lion. But not any old lion and not just because there's one in our unofficial flag. It’d be a wise, elderly beast, one carrying the weight of a lifetime of effort and relentless contemplation. And a big soul, Scotland’s all about soul. I don’t think this soul is embodied any more intensely than by our mountains. And, based on my recent trip to Lochinver, I'm starting to conclude that nowhere does them better than
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things to do in east lothian outdoors bloggers

The Scotlanders Head to East Lothian!

Things to do in East Lothian I always find myself getting irritable and impatient over winter – especially such a hideously extended winter such as we’ve just had – as my desire to get out and take on the best of Scotland intensifies by the day. Our long-running Scotlanders campaigns are very much part of the itchy feetedness as I anticipate our blogger team shaking off the slumber to team up for another travel challenge. Our first of 2018 sees us head to unearth the best things to do in East Lothian. Welcoming back our friend Kim and new team
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The Spectacular North Uist Beaches

The Beaches of North Uist Glowing white sands stretching for miles, uninterrupted by anything that humankind has brought to the world. Fresh winds and crashing waves the only sounds. A mess of vibrant colours bouncing back at you. Distant peaks and islands standing proud on the horizon. It all sounds like something pulled out of a lullaby. But this is the reality of the coastlines of the Outer Hebrides, places that no-one could not love. Whether these thoughts creep in while staring glumly at the photocopier, plodding to work amidst a concrete jungle or it’s just Hawaii Five-O that’s giving
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north uist walking holidays eaval

Walking Holidays Scotland – Taking on the Uists

Walking Holidays Scotland - I'm off to the Uists! I’ve always enjoyed a very intense relationship with the Outer Hebrides. Since I was able to pull myself upright as a baby, I’ve never been able to get enough of these jaw-dropping coastlines and peaks – stretches of landscape that truly define raw, natural beauty. Since taking on my travel blogging work, I’ve found myself back here each year to remind myself that this is a part of the world that has no comparable rivals. This time, it’s the turn of the Uists to challenge my expectations and see if they
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best whisky 2018 islay

Looking back on a long, cold winter with a dram in hand

Whisky 2018 – My Top Suggestions Coming off a seemingly endless winter, it’s fair to say the whisky cabinet has taken a bit of a battering in early 2018. Dark, cold and unwelcoming nights have seen the increasingly set-in-his-ways old grouch that I am spend much of my time slippered-up, dram in hand, mumbling cantankerously at the state of things. Aside from just sitting there getting increasingly inebriated though, there has been an undisputed positive. I’ve been sampling some new expressions, exploring new distilleries and trying hard to extend my knowledge of Scottish whisky. Every cloud and all that. I’m
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The Outlander Adventure Continues with the Season 3 Filming Locations

Outlander Season 3 Filming Locations While we all patiently awaited the release of Season 3 of Outlander, I have to admit to being concerned upon hearing that Jamie and Claire would spend much of the Season in far more exotic places than moody Scotland. Coconuts, snakes and rum seem a far cry from rough drams necked back from the saddle, sideyways rain and over-zealous redcoats. But although South Africa was to deputise as a location for much of the Caribbean locations as the tumultuous couple braved the Colonies, I’m delighted to say that Scotland still got its fair share of
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aviemore rothiemurchas

What to do in and around Aviemore

What to do in Aviemore and Around With the alarmingly cold burst of Siberian weather that has found its way to Scotland, early optimism towards spring has been postponed. Moping around the city is certainly not the answer to such changes in expectation and when it comes to embracing wintery Scotland, The Cairngorms has no equal. A favourite for skiers, winter hikers, wildlife spotters and landscape photographers amongst others, I’m currently exploring the best things to do near Aviemore. The go-to base for exploring the best of the Cairngorms National Park, I’m branching out a little to take on culture,
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