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Immersion in the Scottish Highlands

Things to do in Glenelg and the Search for Escape While madness descends on much of the Highlands at this time of year, I feel an ever more urgent need to find tranquillity. This most recent drive north – to Glenelg, just over the water from Skye on the mainland – is one where I intend to re-visit my recent search for ‘immersion’. To switch off. And to find at least a few hours of total solitude. I’ll be doing the blogger thing and looking at interesting things to do in Glenelg, yes, but I’ll also be seeking out one
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Game of Thrones Meets Scottish Whisky

A Game of Thrones Whisky Marathon A campaign about whisky, you say? Charging about bonnie Scotland like there’s no tomorrow in pursuit of dramatic destinations, dreamy distilleries and delectable drams? There’s a connection with maybe the greatest TV show ever made as well, is there? Aye, right. Despite the inevitable misery of this Game of Thrones whisky challenge, I came to the grudging conclusion that things could, conceivably, be worse. That there are probably one or two worse ways to spend a weekend. And that is because whisky is maybe the single best thing about being Scottish. It’s as Scottish
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Looking after Scotland

Sustainable Tourism Scotland It’s that time of year when travellers are about to descend on Scotland en masse. Peak season. All in the industry have been revelling in this wee chunk of the planet getting worldwide recognition as a must-visit, bucket-list, incomparable destination. Great stuff. But, with stereotypical Scottish caution, I present a spanner for the works. The environment is our most priceless possession. I choose ‘possession’, because it belongs to all of us. With that comes responsibility, and that applies as much to travellers as it does to residents. While there has been an unprecedented surge in exposés and
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Scottish Island Holidays

Scottish Island Holidays - Much More Than They Seem I’m going to attempt to venture down a road I’ve not been seen on for a while. The writer’s road. Necessity has seen me focus on ‘blogging’ in recent years – an increasingly difficult thing to define, hence the inverteds. It’s been fun, I enjoy it for the most part, but it’s unquestionably different from proper writing. The focus is on being useful. Producing text that gives people what they want to know in a digestible and, ideally, fun fashion. But, in so doing, I’ve realised that I’m missing a lot
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Things to do in Aberdeenshire

Road Tripping Through Aberdeenshire and the Cairngorms National Park It’s that typically lovely time of year in Scotland, May, when most in-the-know travellers descend on our outdoors in search of midge-free zones and almost predictably calm weather. Time then for the first Scotlanders campaign of the year as we take on one of the most epic drives in the land, the North East 250. Splitting the giant into four, we unearth the best things to do in Aberdeenshire, the Cairngorms, Speyside and the east coastline in another frantic weekend of activity. For my contribution, I’ve locked gaze with the southern
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In Search of the Perfect Spring Day Trip

Hopping on the Ferry to Bute It’s May, the heating is still on. Political and economic uncertainty hang in the air. It’s been a slightly timid start to the season for the tourism industry. Nobody seems quite ready to say a firm goodbye to winter just yet. Never has a jolly to the Scottish islands seemed more called for and it's high time I caught the ferry to Bute. I have to hold my hands up and admit that it has been many years since my last visit to the Isle of Bute. A sorry state of affairs that I’ve
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A Flying Trip to the Whisky Island

Glasgow to Islay Flights, with a Difference It’s been several years since my last jolly over to Scotland’s whisky island. A dismal effort on my part. Home to some of the very biggest brands in the drinks industry and a completely unique island economy, it’s among the most fascinating jewels we’ve got to offer. But, me being me, I’m always on the lookout for alternative ways of doing things and I’ve long fancied trying this journey from the air. Ferry travel (from Oban or Kennacraig) would be the default course of action here, but Glasgow to Islay flights were not
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The Highlands are Teasing and I’m off to Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Walks and Exploring the National Park I’ve been feeling a bit cabin feverey lately. It’s the time of year when I’m always consumed with things like event speaking during Scottish Tourism Month, blog trip planning and strategic prioritising for which direction I want to swing my work this year. The result is spending my time almost entirely in towns and cities meeting people, digitally analysing just about everything and stroking my beard in perpetually deep contemplation. Added to the fact that spring has had multiple false starts already and I’m absolutely aching for the outdoors. The mountains, and
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The Classic 10 Day Scotland Itinerary

10 Days on the Road Well Travelled It’s that time of year when enquiries start coming in from the well-prepared travellers out there as to how to plan their perfect trip to Scotland. I’m going to have to close my eyes, cover my ears and grind my way through this a bit I’ll be honest. A big part of my job is opening up all of Scotland to travellers and shining some spotlight on the oft-forgotten spots. I veer away from the best-known, over-promoted locations where I can. But, keeping my international travels in mind, I know that sometimes there
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Castles near Edinburgh

Castles near Edinburgh Edinburgh Castle. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? One of the undisputed iconic images of Scotland, it sits looking very chuffed with itself atop Castle Rock, bejewelling the crown of one of the world’s prettiest city centres. But it’s not the only show in town. Ruins are strewn across Central Scotland and there are numerous alternative castles near Edinburgh to satisfy even the most insatiable of history hunters. Sticking just within The Lothians, see what you think of this hit-list.   Edinburgh and Midlothian Craigmillar Castle In 2018 I now realise that I found myself at this guy
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Scotland’s Hiking Trails for Winter Walking

Winter Walking in Scotland It’s an interesting time of year in Scotland. Winter has thus far been pretty stable but forecasts are wildly inconsistent and finding opportune weather for outdoor adventures is no small ask. Serious hiking trail enthusiasts love snow-covered peaks and relish getting the crampons on but, for most, we’ll lean towards those that don’t pose too much of a challenge. Faced with limited light, the majority of Scotland’s population will poke about the easy options in the cental and southern areas. With that in mind, here’s some picks to help locals and visitors stay active with some
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Off the Beaten Tourism Path in Lanarkshire

Things to do in Lanarkshire Key to all that I do as a travel blogger is my absolute focus on fuelling Scotland’s tourism industry. I want to see a country that puts tourism at the genuine heart of its economy in the way that other nations I’ve visited have done. And, based on the last couple of years’ visitor numbers in particular, this is currently being achieved with emphatic success. However, having scored with the core aim of convincing people to come to Scotland en masse (and convincing locals to more fully appreciate what’s on their doorstep), the next tier
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Back to the Isles and a Return to Mull!

Winter Island Getaways - Things to do on Mull I spent my first days of 2019 doing something of a first. I must be getting on but Hogmanay just wasn’t for me this year and the polar opposite of a raucous, alcohol-fuelled riot seemed more appealing – the Scottish Isles were calling. The Isle of Mull was always going to be one of my priorities this year and I accelerated my plans with a spontaneous 4-day winter trip back to the west coast. Blissful escape from the post-festive excitement and time to focus on my plans for the year was
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A Weekend Exploring the Kingdom of Fife

Chasing the Winter Light in Coastal Fife I think it’s fair to say that winter weather can bring with it certain frustrations. Chief of them being the encroachment into how much play time we can eke out of each day. No sooner has lunch been ticked off than the sky starts to dull and darkness continues to charge on in uninvited before the day prematurely ends around 4pm. For me this means very limited travel to the Highlands for several months as there’s nothing more self-defeating than a rushed hill walk or a roadtrip destroyed by detours, road closures and
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A Look Back at Another Year of Travel Memories

2018: My Summary The final days of 2018 are upon us and it’s that time when we all can’t help but have a look back at what we’ve been getting up to in the year gone. The highs and lows, the opportunities that have come along, the mistakes, the surprises, the laughs and the memories that will live forever. As a Scotland travel blogger, it’s particularly fun for me to reflect on where I visited, who I worked with and also on how the industry and the world of blogging has continued to evolve. Amidst the madness, it’s been an
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Welcoming Winter with a Trip to Oban

The Oban Winter Festival The winter chill is in the air. The days are cruelly short. Christmas chatter is all too unavoidable. And I’m generally to be found hanging around the whisky cabinet with above-normal consistency, pretending to find the labels fascinating. Let the festivities commence. Before Glasgow, Edinburgh and others transform themselves into Santa showrooms and the mulled wine gets passed about with cheery, reckless abandon, I’m escaping to the coast for my first experience of the Oban Winter Festival. Marking the only remaining time of year when Oban isn’t a dizzyingly frenetic little hub of holidaymaking activity, the
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Outlaw King – Discovering the Filming Locations

The Outlaw King Filming Locations and Story of the King of Scots Scotland’s most hotly-anticipated film of the year hit Netflix this month and beamed the story of one of our greatest-ever sons to worldwide audiences. Outlaw King delivers us into the hands of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, and his tumultuous journey from noble lord to hunted outlaw and from political fence-sitter to hero king and military genius. Working in partnership with VisitScotland, I was set the challenge of visiting as many of the Outlaw King filming locations as I could in 2 days – with the movie
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Brushes with War – Kelvingrove’s Latest Exhibition

A Unique WWI Tribute Ahead of Remembrance Day World War I was a truly appalling affair. Perhaps overpowered in our collective memories by World War II and the terrifying rise of fascism, Remembrance Day is an important opportunity for us to reflect on a conflict that should forever be a lesson to us all. Every year, the 11th of November at 11am marks the anniversary of the formal end of hostilities in this conflict. With extra significance, 2018 sees us salute the 100th anniversary of the end of the War and I was delighted to head to the best museum
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Abandoned and Derelict Places Throughout Scotland

Scotland's Most Gripping Derelict Places If you have been following my activities on social media in recent months, you’ll likely have noticed that old, abandoned and derelict places have featured regularly. I’ll admit it, I’m hooked. Fascinating, beautiful and massively evocative wreckages litter Scotland on a scale that I had no appreciation of and that provide no end of spooks, intrigue and possibilities. With Halloween upon us, there seems no better time to bring my recent findings together for an explorative look at some of my favourites to date.   Buchanan Castle Diving right in, this place is amongst the
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What’s On Dundee – A Visit to the City that Everyone is Talking About

What’s On Dundee – The City with a Renewed Spring in its Step The long-awaited launch of Dundee’s latest cultural goldmine, the spectacular new V&A Museum of Design, has seen an unprecedent level of interest in a city traditionally overlooked in tourism chatter. That the leading travel guides and media worldwide have had their eye turned towards Tayside speaks volumes for the sustained effort over recent years to transform the city’s image to that of a veritable culture hub. The waterfront regeneration has seen a massive economic boost as big hotels have popped up, restaurants have lifted their game and
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