isle of harris

Is the Isle of Harris the most stunning area of Scotland?

Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Isle of Harris The Outer Hebrides of Scotland are an absolutely stunning part of the world. For nature lovers I honestly don’t believe any traveller could ask for more. While each one of them offers something special, the Isle of Harris has something over them all. Often overlooked in favour of the better known Isle of Skye and Isle of Arran given their greater accessibility, Harris should without question be on the list of every visitor to the Western Isles. What particularly amazes me about Harris is the breath-taking quality of its beaches. If I reflect
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travels with a kilt in petra

Exploring the extraordinary city of Petra

Petra Travel Blog - Travels with a Kilt visits the lost city of Petra The light sneaks through the cracks on the final few steps along the meandering Siq. The shaded pathway draws to a close and spills out into a moment never to be forgotten. Petra. Early morning rays sear intensity down over Jordan’s most famous spot, the Treasury building of this hidden city. They cause the rock to beam in pink, every intricate detail of this extraordinary feat of ancient human endeavour on eternal display. Dazzling and aweing in a way that is very rarely felt, this is
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travel to glasgow

Why Glasgow is fast becoming one of Europe’s top cities

Travel to Glasgow Any trip to Scotland could benefit from a visit to the country's largest city. Glasgow is renowned for its extensive shopping opportunities, its colourful nightlife and the witty charm of its good people. Often disregarded as not having the visual “wow” factor of Edinburgh’s city centre with the omnipresent castle hovering over it, Glasgow has started to return to prominence as a tourist hot spot in more recent years. As a Glasgow boy myself I may be prone to a slight bias in talking up my home city, but I promise to be as objective as possible.
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ben nevis scotland

Have you ever hiked to the highest point in Britain?

Climbing Ben Nevis blog Sleeping on a rock solid surface in a leaky tent in chilly Scottish “summer” conditions at the foot of the UK’s highest mountain is probably not top of the list when you imagine the travel of your dreams. But if you’re into the outdoors, have a taste for adventure, appreciate world class views and don’t mind roughing it a bit, climbing Ben Nevis could be the ideal day trip for you. Ben Nevis and its 4400 feet takes about 9 hours up and down if you go at a leisurely pace. To get the best from
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