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Hidden Glasgow: A Visit to the GMRC

Surprising Scotland - Glasgow Museums Resource Centre Perhaps my favourite element within this strange job of mine is when I see something familiar from a completely different perspective. I spend a lot of time investigating what Scotland has to offer and, while I’m generally in a state of constant appreciation, it's a great feeling when I unearth a place that completely takes me aback. Especially when it’s been right under my nose the whole time. The Glasgow Museums Resource Centre is one such place. I’ve spent the last several weeks blazing a culture trail through my home town, which is
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cateran yomp charity long distance walk

The Cateran Trail with a Difference – Join me for a Yomp in the Highlands

The Cateran Yomp Muddy boots, damp socks, sweaty brows, trembling knees….and an ear to ear smile. Just some of the typical characteristics of a long-distance walker that has found the necessary inspiration to take on the Scottish Highlands. For lovers of the outdoors, endurance events are about as much fun as it gets and this year I’m working in support of the Cateran Yomp to get folk out for a good cause. Raising funds for soldiers, veterans and their families, the result of this inspired hike is an unmatched camaraderie, the achievement of personal and team milestones….and memories to last
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things to do in scotland 2018

Things to do in Scotland 2018

Activities to get up to in Scotland 2018 It’s that time of year again. When those best laid plans and resolutions seem more ominous by the day and the first shifts back at work trigger soul searching and an alarming amount of time spent on Google. But, unlike the overly optimistic gym membership, those fanciful cookbooks you intended to delve into or that bizarre amount of quinoa that's optimistically taken over the cupboard, making travel plans is much more straightforward. And much less painful. With a new year comes new objectives and, whether you’re coming from near or far, here
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What I Love Most About Glasgow’s West End

Living in the West End of Glasgow First of all, a very Happy New Year to you! Hopefully 2018 brings lots of great experiences and memories, even better still if they involve Scotland. I'm kicking off my year by staying close to base, with a look at my home turf of Glasgow and a reflective wander into my relationship with the city. For someone with such a wanderlust throughout my twenties I’ve not been able to make much sense of my overwhelming contentment to be home, and home to stay. Not just home in Scotland but home within a couple
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A Look Back at a Year of Scotland Travel Memories

My 2017 Year Summary It’s been another great year on the road for this traveller. From continuing to unearth local treasures close to my Glasgow base to stretching my travel limits to new geographies, my calendar for the year has thrown up a little bit of everything. My long-awaited trip to Shetland was a first for me – and the most northerly I’ve ever been. Proudly boasting its own micro-culture and a distinctly different travel experience, it’s always special when you learn something very new in this line of work. My annual jaunt to the Isle of Harris was a
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Cultural Scotland – A Look at our Best Museums

The Best Museums in Scotland - My Top Picks While I tend to focus almost obsessively on the outdoors, history and whisky in my travel blogging adventures, I have spent much of early winter consumed in the world of culture. One of the most fantastic places on the planet for this stuff, Scotland not only punches above its weight in the museums department but we have artwork, displays and exhibits that can leave visitors with lifelong memories. I’m going to ambitiously try and pick out those that have had the biggest impact on me over the course of my more
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A Review of the Best Glasgow West End Restaurants

Glasgow West End Restaurants – My Top Picks As a great and enthusiastic lover of food, it’s a little bit of a wonder to me why I don’t write about it more often. I suppose it’s because I don’t like the nature of restaurant reviews all that much, that I cook a lot myself therefore am pretty fussy and that finding consistency in even the best restaurants can be exceptionally tricky. So my look at the best Glasgow west end restaurants comes to you now because the guys on this list are big, big friends of mine. I live within
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castles near glasgow crookston

Castles near Glasgow

Exploring the Castles Near Glasgow With the rain lashing off the windows, the heating creeping on and darkness storming in by 4pm, I’m going to spend the next several weeks fairly close to home. While that would throw most instinctive travellers into something of a tantrum, I couldn’t be happier. My home city of Glasgow is my favourite place in the world. Sure I’ll take it for granted from time to time, but it gives me an enormous sense of comfort to know that I’m where I belong in the world. It’s where life started for me and I love
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Scotland from a Different Perspective

Drone Photography in Scotland - My Highlights so Far 2017 has been the Year of the Drone for this travel blogger. I’ve taken to the skies in a bid to see a very different side to Scotland, with the odd moment of sheer awe and occasional terrifying gust of wind adding to the excitement along the way. But where have my highlights taken me in year one as a UAV pilot? Our spectacular coastlines present infinite possibilities, our moody and remote ruins beg for a flyover and our vast glens offer up all sorts of challenges to your far-sightedness. Drone
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The Shetland Isles – A Day Trip to Unst

Highlights of an Unst Day Trip The force of the wind is difficult to resist, the screeching of several thousand seabirds is a repetitive din in the background and the drama of the ocean surrounding me is all-consuming. I’ve spent the last couple of hours strolling between sheep, gawking at the vast spectacle of the Isle of Unst’s coastline. Human presence has long since been forgotten and on a grey and moody day in far-away Shetland, it’s just me and Mother Nature. I’m standing at pretty much the most northerly point of Scotland. And it feels good. Following on from
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eshaness shetland guide help

Shetland Travel Guide

Shetland Travel Guide As I continue my review of this month’s trip to the Shetland Isles, I’m going to deviate slightly from the typical blogging route and dive into a deeper exploration at getting the most out of visiting these parts. Its fascinating and unique culture, its wildlife, its largely self-sufficient industrial prowess – this is a place with a very strong identity. Whether weighing up a visit or just blessed with a traveller’s curiosity, this Shetland travel guide is an attempt at putting my interpretation of the place into words.   Shetland Culture Where else could I possibly start?
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shetland travel blog

Shetland Travel Blog – Exploring Scotland’s Northern Limits

Mainland Shetland – My Travel Blog Highlights An absolute belter of a storm rages outside. I’ve been tossing and turning in my cabin bunk, gauging the distance to the bathroom and the likelihood of projectile vomiting on my journey there. Images of Titanic scream to mind as I attempt every diversion technique known to man to distract me from the growing messages of outrage being passed along by my stomach. Should I have taken the plane? No. God help me - that may have been worse. Where did they say the nearest life raft was? How many people can fit
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Scotland in a Day – Revelling in a Scottish Road Trip

The Best of Scotland in a Day Don’t let the title confuse you. This is not a post about an - absolutely impossible - attempt to experience this fabulous wee country in 24 hours. Rather, it’s about capturing Scotland’s broad appeal in one day. The assets that have made it one of the top destinations in the world to visit this year; the attributes that are so synonymous with its past and the natural wonder of our legendary Highlands. All add up to deliver one overwhelmingly Scottish day on the road. If I was to sum up Scotland in a
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History Hunting in the Scottish Borders

A Scottish Borders History Trail While Scotland has been basking in the glory of a fantastic tourism season – with interest in my homeland at record levels – there has been challenges that have arisen to match the positivity. Over-marketing of certain places have seen the local infrastructure to be dramatically shown-up for its alarming deficiencies. Our more rural areas are simply not kitted out to handle the numbers of visitors they are receiving. I attempt to do my bit to re-distribute the interest elsewhere, as I’m firmly of the view that every region of Scotland has its rewards, if
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outlander filming locations challenge

The Ultimate Outlander Filming Location Challenge

Outlander Filming Locations - The North of Scotland I remember my thought-process during the early minutes of Series 1, Episode 1 of Outlander. A bit over the top, un-relatable, unrealistic….all occurred to me as I pondered whether I’d suddenly start regretting my Amazon Prime subscription. There may have been some mumbles about it being a necessary part of any job in Scottish tourism and just having to make peace with it. Fortunately, the dubiety didn’t last long. A wee bit of time travel to the politically unstable, militarily combustible and generally brutal times of the Jacobite Risings in Scotland hit
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coastal clifftop castles in scotland dunnottar

The Best CliffTop Castles in Scotland

Scotland’s Most Spectacular Clifftop Castles This post is entirely the fault of Game of Thrones. Like many around the planet, I’ve spent the last several Monday nights with my jaw on the floor, sweat lashing off me, eye twitching, hands trembling (spilling whisky in the process and barely noticing) and heartrate racing. Quite aside from a stunning plot, the drama of the most successful TV show ever owes much to the magnificent locations (real or otherwise) used in filming. Me being me, my mind wanders to Scotland at this point. When I see the audacity of the incredible clifftop castle
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The Best of a Weekend on the Isle of Arran

Things to do in Arran At long last. I've been waiting years to spend enough of a spell on the Isle of Arran to produce a blog that does it justice. The island's incredible proximity to the central belt of Scotland makes it advantageous territory for day trips and, as such, my visits have always been too fleeting. But, no longer. With several days to play with here's a look at my top picks for a weekend of activities in this fabulous all-rounder of a Scottish island. Goatfell This is one of the finest walks in the country. A truly
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History, Whisky and Beaches – Highlights of Kintyre

The Kintyre Peninsula I’m not entirely sure why it has taken me so long to find my way into this protruding finger that has been geographically insistent about keeping itself separate from mainland Scotland. Such is its isolated and remote feel, the Kintyre Peninsula seems more like an island than most Scottish islands. Coastlines are never far away, island-pace has generally been adopted, it takes ages to get anywhere and Calmac ferries are as common as cars. All very confusing. But therein lies the appeal of one of Scotland’s barest stretches – an area that even most Scots would never
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harris beach which scottish isle best visit

Scotland’s Best Isles – A Beginner’s Guide

Which Scottish Islands To Visit? It’s one of the big questions that I get thrown at me on a regular basis. With close to 800 islands in this seemingly small little land, the choices are endless and more than a little confusing. An ambitious lifetime achievement for someone like me might be to make it to them all before I kick the bucket, but it would literally take me all my days I suspect. Assuming that that is a ludicrous expectation for most folks, let’s start by keeping it realistic. Here’s a look at 5 of the most loved Scottish
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travels with a kilt blog

Life as a Scotland Travel Blogger

Being a Travel Blogger As we’re in the midst of another busy and impressive summer tourism season in Scotland, I’ve been taking some time to take stock of what being a Scotland travel blogger is all about. With events coming thick and fast, I’ve had the chance to gab with some of my peers and industry partners and, before you know it, I’ve started to ponder just what on earth I’m doing with my life. But it’s got me thinking more widely too. What’s going on with blogging? What’s the state of play in Scottish tourism just now? And how
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