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The aim of my Scotland itinerary packages is to provide a helping hand to independent travellers during the all-important stage of planning a trip. If you are looking to travel Scotland with the knowledgeable support of an experienced local only ever an email away, then my set guides are here to support my blog posts from around the country. Great value at just £6 you’ll have all the info you’ll need for the most popular areas and themes. I also provide a series of suggested itineraries for various regions of Scotland – see my 3 week road trip route as an example – to help those that are here for extended visits.

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Scotland is not an easy country to plan for. In fact I’d put it amongst the most challenging in the world on that score. Although it may look small on the map, there is a staggering amount on offer. Add in the fact that most of the country is rural, spread out and often inaccessible and you’ve got yourself a head-scratcher. There’s a lot of generic and, frankly, misleading information out there that add to the chore. With all that in mind, my Scotland itinerary packages call only on the relevant, up to date and personal experiences of yours truly. If you follow me on social media or have subscribed to my blogs you’ll know I take authenticity and quality very seriously.

The Guides

For just £6 each I have prepared 4 set Scotland itinerary PDFs that will provide all of the key information you will need for visits to Scotland that take in the most popular travel destinations and activities.

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Skye
  • Whisky

These itineraries will be sent to you as PDF documents that list the best activities in each of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Skye and a detailed overview for whisky. Interactive and personalised digital maps are also included within the documents as are links to further reading. Having travelled the land extensively as a travel blogger, I call on my blogs to back up my suggestions. I will call on my contacts within the industry and my work as a VisitScotland Ambassador to recommend Scotland’s best bits. I’m about as Scottish as they come and have been exploring my homeland extensively for years – I’m always confident of being able to provide accurate and valuable insight.

Of course, the amount you pay for these is not just for a few sheets of paper and includes any follow up enquiries that you have. Although I have arranged bespoke travel itinerary packages in years’ past, I am currently focussed on set routes due to time constraints in my consultancy work. That being said I am always happy to offer guidance to help you in your planning if you have specific questions.






Purchasing your itineraries

1. Choose one of the options from the drop down Paypal option below and click Add To Cart. If you require more than one of the options just click “Continue Shopping” on the Paypal page to return and make additional selections.

2. Proceed to checkout and place payment for your itinerary/itineraries. You can choose whether to do this via Paypal or by credit card.

3. You will receive a confirmation email and as soon as I receive the same I will send on your document(s). This will likely only take a few minutes but almost certainly be with you within 24 hours. If you have not received within 24 hours do please contact me directly.

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