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Summing up Scotland in 20 photos you say. Nae bother.

I love writing about all of Scotland’s best bits – exploring the lesser-known spots and getting to know the usual suspects in more intimate detail. But I do still get a lot of enquiries from first time visitors looking for that all-important initial inspiration. Where to begin? What are the absolute must-sees? No easy task but here I go – a Scotland photo blog taking you on a visual tour of this great land.


The Scottish Highlands

Chances are if you’re having a wee peek into your mind’s eye when the word ‘Scotland’ is uttered, the Scottish Highlands are pretty prominent. We largely have Sir Walter Scott to thank for that. With his works romanticising the misty glens, tartans and melancholy of the Highlands and creating Scottish stereotypes and cliches that have endured centuries later.

From the fearsomly epic power of Glen Coe to the glowing greenery and babbling streams of Perthshire, the variety and diversity is vast. There is no such thing as a mere ‘trip to The Highlands’. East, west, north or south – you’ll find it a journey of many chapters.

quiraing skye scotland photo blog

cobbler scotland photo blog

buachaille etive beag scotland photo blog

glen coe scotland photo blog


Scotland’s Beaches

Aside from the almost insignificant – cough splutter cough – water temperature issue, Scotland is host to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Majestically beautiful and largely unoccupied they are visually a match for anywhere I’ve ever been. The Outer Hebrides wins the top prizes in this category but throughout Scotland’s coastline hidden treasures are never far away.

camusdarach beach scotland photo blog

luskentyre scotland photo blog

harris scotland photo blog beach

vatersay beach scotland photo blog


Scotland’s Cities

Of course, it’s not all about the outdoors and Scotland can boast two of Europe’s most fascinating cities in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Add to that the likes of the historic powerhouse that is Stirling, the cultural and characterful hub of Dundee and the bustling Highland capital of Inverness and there is plenty to keep the lovers-of-urban endlessly happy.

edinburgh castle scotland photo blog

glasgow cathedral scotland photo blog

stirling city scotland photo blog

kelvingrove glasgow scotland photo blog


Castles and Ruins

Nothing says Welcome to Scotland like the sight of a centuries old, battle ravaged fortress. The site of many a grim death, they are now the very definition of blissful romance – how times change. Dotted around throughout the country and with many dating back to around the times of the Wars of Independence, where else can boast such a concentration of magnificent ruins?

eilean donan scotland photo blog

doune castle scotland photo blog

kisimul castle scotland photo blog

hermitage castle scotland photo blog



When in Rome (or Speyside, or Islay). Well you’ve just gotta don’t you. We know what we’re doing in this category and whether you’re making a pilgrimmage to the home of a lifelong friend or just looking for an introductory guide, you’re sorted. There are functional distilleries and visually magnificent distilleries – and everything in between. The vast majority run tours and each has their own personality and charm.

glengoyne distillery scotland photo blog

distillery stills scotland photo blog

distillery barrels scotland photo blog

ardbeg scotland photo blog islay

What place or memory sums up Scotland for you? Where encapsulates Scottishness best?


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