Walking Killiecrankie Pass, Perthshire

The Battle of Killiecrankie still evokes memories of school history projects and my wee mind trying to get a grasp of the complex and convoluted story of the Jacobites. Military history aside, the Pass of Killiecrankie is an outdoor lover’s haven. Surrounded by low peaks the walking route follows the River Garry along a beautiful gorge and is perfect for a little exertion all year round. It is at its vibrant best though in the autumn months.

The Battle itself occurred during the first Jacobite uprising in 1689 and saw the Protestant and Catholic divide rear its head. I take a more detailed look at the history of the Jacobites in my Culloden blog, but on this occasion the Jacobites recorded an impressive victory. Outnumbered roughly 2500 to 4000 they still defeated the government forces and delayed their eventual downfall – Outlander fans in particular will need no reminding of this chapter of Scottish history.

walking killiecrankie pass.

Situated within a few minutes of Perthshire’s Southern Highland hub of Pitlochry, Killiecrankie is one of the region’s top spots. Packed with greenery and Perthshire’s famous massive trees this is a place of peace and tranquillity. Perfect for a quiet stroll. Or for throwing yourself headlong 40 metres off a bridge with Highland Fling that organise spectacular bungee jumps for £75. This is Scotland’s great outdoors at its dramatic best. For the completely mental, they even organise night jumps. Hurling yourself into the abyss in the eerie silent blackness of a rural Perthshire night. It’s the stuff of dreams.

bungee jump walking killiecrankie pass.

walking killiecrankie pass autumn.

Another of the noteworthy stops along the path is the Soldier’s Leap where government soldier Donald MacBean defied death by leaping over the river with the Jacobites chasing him down. An appalling 18 foot distance, he deserved to live and fight another day after that Butch Cassidy moment.

walking killiecrankie pass.

How much of the path you choose to walk can vary to suit. Walking from the car park and visitor centre to Garry Bridge will take you less than half an hour each way. There is the option to continue on to the Clunie Foot Bridge before looping round on the other side of the water which is around an 8 mile stretch altogether.

walking killiecrankie pass.

With thanks for the life embracing photos to Highland Fling Bungee.

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